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Reliable and express logistics and transport solutions That do not waste your time!

We are specialized in transportation, postal services and information technology (to design and support programs and applications), film production and logistics services with excellence. In 2015 all activities were merged into one company and licensed by the relevant government authorities from the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Transport and the National Information Center and met all the administrative and technical requirements to practice its business includes work licenses, university and school transport activity, vehicle directing, postal services, operating and managing warehouses and logistics services for many e-commerce platforms under the brand (Muhrah).


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Providing the best logistics services using the best technologies available at the lowest prices.

To be one of the best companies inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our customer is our focus
● Providing high quality at competitive prices.
● Commitment to complete work on time.
● We strive for everything new and innovative.

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• The right to obtain contact information with owners, details of their website addresses, prices and features of services, and any restrictions or exclusions on their use, or any fees that will apply when exceeding these restrictions or exclusions • The right to obtain owners services without discrimination unless the service is in demand

Malcoo customers can choose the payment method they prefer, either through their local or regional cards, or even via an international credit card, enabling them to pay the value of services electronically, whether it is a process through (Mada, Sadad, Visa, MasterCard or American Express).


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